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CLICK ON LINK for 2023 Student Nursing Scholarship Application.


(If you are an existing employee of Howard Memorial Hospital,

please click here for your scholarship application).


Scholarship application deadline: October 31, 2023

Interviews will be scheduled with applicants during the month of November.

Each year, the Howard Memorial Hospital Medical Staff and the Frank R. Howard Foundation jointly donate funds to the Howard Community Healthcare Foundation for the purpose of funding nursing scholarships. Initially, scholarship funds were provided to local high school students to be used for further studies in the field of medicine. However, rarely did students return to this area for employment.


Some time ago, when a serious shortage of Registered Nurses was evident, the original scholarship program was reviewed. Because the shortage of nurses was a concern for all California hospitals, especially in rural areas, it was felt that we needed to be proactive and enhance our ability to hire nurses. At the same time, Mendocino College began to offer a nursing program which, at the completion of their program, would graduate students with the degrees necessary to become registered nurses. Following their graduation, students were able to apply to the State of California for an RN license. It appeared to be just what was needed for the hospital to regain their ability to hire additional qualified nurses. It has been a very rewarding program for the college, the students, and Howard Memorial Hospital.


The application process is open to first or second year students. Students perform a portion of their on-site classes at HMH so they have the opportunity to experience hospital staff first hand. Also, hospital staff have the opportunity to observe the nursing students and how they interact in everyday workplace situations.


Students who receive the HCHF scholarship, if hired by the hospital, agree to work for one year at HMH after graduation. After working their first year at the hospital, many students decide to remain employed at HMH. Several nursing scholarship students have advanced to supervisors and managers and all have become excellent, dedicated employees. This makes the nursing scholarship program very successful for all involved.


Each scholarship recipient will receive $3,000 for one year. A minimum of three scholarships are funded annually.

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