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Until 2012, the Foundation sponsored Auxiliary has donated much needed equipment for the benefit of a healthy community. In the last decade, the Foundation sponsored Auxiliary donated in excess of $1,800,000 worth of major equipment to upgrade the hospital.


The Foundation continues to support the Auxiliary with on-going projects, however, it is now sponsored by the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital.

Smoking Cessation Program


In 2007, at the request of Dr. Mills Matheson, Frank R. Howard Foundation sponsored a county-wide smoking cessation program. Jennifer Barret of Mendocino County Public Health presented two sessions for Mendocino County community members.


Orthopedic Joint Program


The Frank R. Howard Foundation contracted with Marshall Steele & Associates to institute a Orthopedic Joint Center of Northern California at the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital under the guidance of Dr. William Bowen. The program began in 2006 and has rapidly become a destination hospital for patients seeking treatment of bone injuries.


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