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Frank R. Howard Foundation Medical Campus


The Northridge earthquake of 1994 generated a great deal of attention regarding the seismic safety for all acute-care hospitals in California leading to state laws endorsed by legislation and state policy action, specifically SB1953. Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital’s (HMH) 80 year-old existing facility was unable to meet criteria as required by SB1953. After an extensive evaluation of the best avenue to pursue, the Frank R. Howard Foundation Board of Directors agreed that retrofitting the current facility would generate an unacceptable interruption in services and would not address the fact that the current facility is too small for all the medical services now being provided.

On October 29, 2015, the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital receievd it's first patient while the old Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital said goodbye to it last patient.

The construction and complettion of the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital is a testament to the communities served by the new hospital whose generous support and donations contributed greatly in making the dream of the new hospital come true.

Thank you to our community and thank you to Adventist Health for believing in the rural communities of Northern Mendocino County by building the new Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital.





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