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The Frank R. Howard Foundation reaches out to the community through a newsletter with updates regarding development of the medical campus, current fundraising campaigns, and additional information we believe is of interest.

The completion of the new hospital, as well as the medical office building (The Lamprich Center), completed a 10-year capital campaign effort that proved very successful for the Frank R. Howard Foundation, the Frank R. Howard Memorial Hospital/Adventist Health, and the community.

Adjusting to this shared achievement, the Frank R. Howard Foundation Board of Directors continues to plan for the next phase of build-out for the medical campus.

Please enjoy current Foundation Newsletters - Fall 2016 and Winter 2016.


In the Fall, 2016 newsletter, Margie, as the Foundation President, explains that her focus efforts on fundraising, which means she will be asking Arnie Mello, the new Executive Director, to take on some of the responsibilities she has handled in the past. You will meet the Board of Directors, dedicated community members who feel very passionate about the Foundation's mission, who ave accepted the challenge of building the rest of the Foundation's medical campus. Read about "Frank and Howard", the fundraising effort Margie hopes the community will feel just as passionate about as she does . . . the effort of preserving a bit of our history and our legacy. Just click on the link below for the details.

In the Winter 2016, Arnie Mello, Executive Director, introduces himself to the community although he is well-known to many of you. There have been several worthwhile accomplishments, however, one of the most rewarding was the purchase of $4,000,000. in state-of-the-art medical equipment which was donated to the new hospital.


Doreen Blumenfeld, Director of the Avenues to Wellness program, has updates for you on new classes and activities for 2017. There were very positive accomplishments in 2016, along with tremendous community involvement in ATW workshops and presentations.


Commonwealth Garden Director, Ananda Johnson, thanks the community for their support and wants the community to know winter planning for the upcoming season is well-underway. The garden team is grateful for another very good year in the garden and thankful for the opportunity to do what they love to do.

Just click on the links below to read all the details.

HF Fall 2016 Newsletter

HF Winter 2016 Newsletter

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